Our Services

  • Offering foreign substructure and superstructure projects to corporate Turkish companies
  • Supporting companies through all the stages of a turnkey project starting with the winning
    of a project
  • Finding markets for companies for the exportation of all kinds of commercial products
  • Actively promoting the companies in the country or region that they want to operate
  • Supplying qualified employees for companies throughout the project, organizing their local and individual
  • Giving support for the elimination of bureaucratic obstacles to ensure successfull advancement of projects
  • Working out the finance necessary for the realization of the project
  • Facilitating customs affairs
  • Settling the tenders for companies

Our Fields of Activity

Infrastructure Projects

(Bridges, highways, tunnels, railroads, subways, airport runways, seaports,
water supply and distribution, filtration plants, sewer network, irrigation
canals, pumping stations, water reservoirs, dams, power plants, electrical
conduction, high antenna, oil pipelines, landscape)

Superstructure Projects

(Houses, hotels, hospitals, schools, offices, factories, workplaces, shopping
centers, terminals, stations, gyms, stadiums )

  • Investment consultancy and intermediation
  • Marketing commercial products
    of a project
  • Promoting companies abroad