Our Services

  • Offering foreign subsructure and superstructure projects to corporate Turkish companies
  • Supporting companies through all the stages of a turnkey project starting with the winning
    of a project
  • Finding markets for companies for the exportation of all kinds of commercial products
  • Actively promoting the companies in the country or region that they want to operate
  • Supplying qualified employees for companies throughout the project, organizing their local and individual
  • Giving support for the elimination of bureaucratic obstacles to ensure successfull advancement of projects
  • Working out the finance necessary for the realization of the project
  • Facilitating customs affairs
  • Settling the tenders for companies

Our Fields of Activity

Infrastructure Projects

(Bridges, highways, tunnels, railroads, subways, airport runways, seaports,
water supply and distribution, filtration plants, sewer network, irrigation
canals, pumping stations, water reservoirs, dams, power plants, electrical
conduction, high antenna, oil pipelines, landscape)

Superstructure Projects

(Houses, hotels, hospitals, schools, offices, factories, workplaces, shopping
centers, terminals, stations, gyms, stadiums )

  • Investment consultancy and intermediation
  • Marketing commercial products
    of a project
  • Promoting companies abroad



Why ECP?

  • We have intimate relationships with high-ranking bureaucrats
    and officials in the countries doing business
  • We guide properly for prudential investments
  • We can offer many projects from various countries and provide the
    company alternatives to choose from for the most suitable project
  • We have comprehensive knowledge about the SOCIO-
    ECONOMICAL and cultural status of countries in Africa, we can
  • We work with and guide the companies from the approval of the
    project until the delivery.
  • Giving support for the elimination of bureaucratic obstacles to ensure successfull advancement of projects
  • ECP does not act ONLY as an intermediary but also fulfills its duties as a
    consulting company

Our Mission & Vision

Mission :

  • To do our job well and in an honest manner
  • To use money, time and manpower in the most efficient way

Vision :

  • To be a company that always offers good references and brings in the most profits for the investors

Contact Information

ADDRESS: Barbaros Mahallesi, Fesleğen sok. no:3C D:81 Ataşehir – İstanbul
PHONE: 0 530 955 39 08 0 535 724 71 28 00 49 176 710 54 062

WEB: www.ecp-consulting.com
E-MAIL: info@ecp-consulting.com a.kartal@ecp-consulting.com e.kantar@ecp-consulting.com